PACT Hawaii
PACT Hawaii


are where participants receive stigma-free services. The Family Centers are community based and community driven.  The Centers work with individuals and families to build strong ties to their neighborhood schools and the larger community. Although each of the Family Centers are located in very different communities and have different foci, both sites offer the following:

  • Information & Referral
  • Leadership & Economic Development Opportunities
  • Lifelong Lessons in Financial Management
  • Workshops That Promote Financial Stability
  • Family Counseling Service
  •  Parenting Support
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Community Building
  • Workshops That Promote Drug Free Living
  •  Family, School and Community Collaboration


Community Technology Center
The Community Technology Center (CTC) is a great place to learn about computers and technology. Practice and a step-by-step approach to learning are the core of training. Above all, diversity of literacy skills and culture is well respected and accommodated every step of the way in learning computer technology. At the end of the course, students gain confidence in their ability to implement newfound skills. Many students become employed, and get better jobs with their new talents.

Immigrant Resource Center
The Immigrant Resource Center is designed to provide newly arrived immigrants a community touchstone in which they can get guidance, support and assistance regarding passports, green cards, legal assistance, to name a few.  In-house language capacity includes Chuukese, Marshallese, Palauan, Samoan, Pilipino and English.  Staff also can access the Susannah Wesley Community Center for Chinese, Japanese and Korean speakers when language assistance is needed.

Neighborhood Place of Kalihi
The Neighborhood Place of Kalihi is designed to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect through family strengthening services.  For example, basic parenting and counseling is provided.  Parents spend the first part of their learning in a group situation and then join their children in the second half of the learning day to work on a project.  Parents are provided in the moment feedback about their parenting and explore ways to parent differently as needed.
Sundays Project
The Sundays Project is a collaboration with the Department of Education and provides culture driven learning opportunities for families from the islands of Chuuk, Marshalls, Palau, Pohnpei, and other COFA Nations people.  The overall goal is to reduce the current high rates of absenteeism in the public schools.  The Sundays Project has demonstrated significant success with engaging parents and in reducing rates of absenteeism.


Community Works 96744
Community Works in 96744 is a youth development, drug prevention coalition. The coalition promotes healthy living through community capacity building activities and by implementing the community-wide 5Rs 96744 campaign, encouraging Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Relationships and Resiliency values.  This community coalition hosts “Community Works in 96744” and “Family Activity Night” to name a few.

Parent Leadership Training Institute
The Parent Leadership Training Institute is a national curriculum that promotes parent-driven advocacy.  The program integrates child development leadership and democracy skills into a parent curriculum.  In this model, parent leadership means the capacity for parents to interact within civic society with purpose and positive outcomes for children.  The 20 week course and civic practice offers detailed information on how change occurs in states and neighborhoods to improve child outcomes.  Parents can apply to participate and selection is made by a panel of DoE personnel, community representatives and KCFC staff.

PACT Hawaii

Who are the Family Centers for?
All families living in Kalihi and surrounding neighborhoods are welcome to participate at the Kuhio Park Terrace Family Center (KPT). All families living in the 96744 zip code are welcome to participate at the Kaneohe Community Family Center (KCFC).

Is there a fee??
The Family Centers provide all services free of charge. 

The Kuhio Park Terrace Family Center is located at:
1485 Linapuni Street, Suite 103
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: 841-6177 Fax: 841-1770

 The Kaneohe Community Family Center is located at:
46-155 Kamehameha Hwy., Portable 1, on the grounds of King Intermediate School in Kaneohe.

The Family Centers operate on a year round basis and can be reached Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Classes, Workshops and Activities are scheduled for some evenings and weekends.

The Family Centers are funded by:
The U.S. Department of Health, The Hawaii State Department of Human Services, The Hawaii State Office of Community Services

1-808-847-3285 ~ 1-800-815-8413

PACT Parents And Children Together, 1485 Linapuni St. Suite 105, Honolulu, HI 96819