Best Places To Work 2022

For more than 50 years, Parents And Children Together (PACT) developed a strong culture of respect, collaboration, and community — internally with staff, and externally with clients and industry partners.

We believe people join PACT because of our mission — what we stand for and what we do — and for the work they’ll perform to further that mission.

Working together with Hawai‘i’s children, individuals, and families to create safe and promising futures is a mission we take to heart. We annually serve more than 17,000 clients statewide, and every PACT employee knows he or she will touch the lives of many of those we serve.

Our employees are our heroes — frontline workers who provide hope and assistance to those who need it most. Even as PACT continues to assist its clients during the pandemic, we also work to ensure our employees receive the support and care they deserve.

It starts with comprehensive onboarding and training that equips employees with the right tools and resources to support their engagement, personal development, high-quality services, and resilience to face every challenge with compassion and empathy.

To mitigate the impact of the pandemic, groceries, masks, cleaning supplies and more are provided to employees who need them. A new workplace wellness program was launched with a special focus on COVID-19. A microloan program was also started that offers qualified employees a one-time low interest loan for a nonrecurring emergency, such as car repair or unexpected medical bills.

Monthly All-Staff Zoom calls help us maintain a sense of community and connection with one another while working remotely. Featured guest speakers have shared valuable insights on topics such as wellness, self-care, diversity and the effects of the pandemic. Other sessions included hula, cooking, zoga (Zoom and yoga), meditation classes, and virtual wellness fairs, which provided a modicum of relief during stressful times.

We are particularly gratified that PACT has retained all its team members during the pandemic. We believe this indicates a high level of commitment and job satisfaction as we continue to serve the hardest hit families and individuals among us with respect and compassion.