“Mikiala” means to be prompt, early, on hand, present.

Mikiala “While They Are Waiting” program seeks to bridge the gap from homelessness to housing by creating a supportive environment for families as they wait for their opportunity to acquire transitional or permanent shelter. Mikiala means to be prompt, early, on hand, and present.  It is our hope to partner with homeless families or families in transition and other agencies to support them in their pathway to success. The program seeks to engage children from birth to five years old and their parents/guardians in skill building and engagement activities that will support overall growth and development and connect them with community resources. Children and families will participate in activities at Aala Park and at IHS.

Who Is Mikiala For?

  • Families who are in the Farrington High School catchment area of Kalihi-Palama.
  • Families with children ages 0 to 5 years old.
  • Families who want to help their children be prepared for kindergarten.

What Screening Tools Do the Mikiala Staff Members Use?

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) screens the child in five areas of development: Communication (language), gross motor (large muscles), fine motor (small muscles), problem solving and personal-social. This tool is completed by the preschool development specialists in conversation with the parent(s) and by observing the child try tasks that are typical for his/her age.

The Ages and Stages Questionnaire – Social Emotional (ASQ-SE) is completed by the preschool development specialists by discussing with the parent(s) their child’s behavior, routines, and habits.

What Services Will I Receive?

Screening: Your child will receive two screens: ASQ and ASQ-SE. The screenings will be completed by the parent(s) and a Mikiala early childhood family specialist, who will discuss the results with you so that you understand your child’s current level of development.

Referral and case management: Early childhood family specialists will assist parents in applying for DOE, Head Start, private preschool, referral for financial assistance in paying for preschool, and other community services that may assist you in promoting your child’s health and development.