Oahu Family Visitation Center (Oahu FVC) provides a safe, neutral and nurturing environment where visitations and exchanges occur between children and non-custodial parents. Oahu FVC helps children and parents who are experiencing difficulties in divorce, separation or family violence.

How can the Oahu FVC help you?

Oahu FVC can help parents who are separated, divorced or divorcing or are involved in custody disputes when:

  • Children need to go from one parent to another without parents meeting.
  • Children's visits with a parent are restricted to a monitored or structured setting and you need someone to supervise the visits.
  • You are having problems with your former spouse, but you are court ordered to allow visitation.
  • You are concerned about your children's safety during visits with the other parent.

What service does the Oahu FVC offer?

  • Exchanges that allow children to go from one parent to the other without the parties meeting.
  • Supervised visitation that involves full, intermittent and beginning and ending supervision.

Oahu FVC staff supervises parent and child visits in a stable, supportive and home like environment.

How do you get your court ordered visitation?

After a divorce or separation, family visitation services may be arranged by agreement of both parents or by court order. If the parents don't agree, one parent may file a request for a hearing to use Oahu FVC. A judge will often decide on the appropriate service(s) and which parent will be responsible for program fees.