Comprehensive Counseling and Support Services (CCSS) provide integrated services to promote the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families on Oahu by addressing the causes that place children at risk of child abuse, neglect or result in child maltreatment. Families are referred to the program by Child Welfare Services (CWS), Voluntary Case Management (VCM) or Family Strengthening Services (FSS).

The overall goal of CCSS is to assist families with providing and promoting a safe family home for their children. The program is committed to providing a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive environment that focuses on the individual needs of each family.


Skill building
You will learn new and more effective ways to parent. Outreach workers will work with you to address your concerns and guide and facilitate healthy parent-child interactions as you move toward reunification.


You will receive one-on-one counseling and/or group counseling for couples and families to assist in providing a safe home for your children with a therapist.

Parenting Classes (PARENTS, Inc.)

Parents will be referred to PARENTS, Inc for a 12-week parenting class.

Crisis Intervention

This service is to maintain a home placement or assist in the anticipated reunification back into the home.

Ohana Time Visits

When children are in foster care, parents are given up to three hours a week of visits with their children.

Your visitation monitor will:

  • Transport your children to and from the visit.
  • Supervise the visit at a highly structured, moderate supervision or intermittent supervision level as determined by your social worker.

The location of your ohana time visit is determined by your social worker. Visits may be at the CCSS offices, in the community or in your home.