The Hana Like Home Visitor Program “works together” with families to provide supportive coaching, role modeling and teach strategies/materials that enhance the parent/caregiver’s ability to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for their children. Mothers, fathers and other caregivers on Oahu are encouraged to participate.

Home visitors work with children ages birth to three years and their parents/caregivers who reside in Kalihi - West Honolulu area of Oahu. Home visitors also work with prenatal mothers.  Home visitors provide a wide range of maternal-child health related services that include; prenatal and well-baby care including immunizations; child health and safety; how and when to make the best use of your medical and dental homes; how to prevent injuries, including how to parent without the use of physical, psychological and/or emotional abuse; how to help support and increase school readiness; how to develop and implement a family budget; and coordination of referrals to community resources and supports.

Hana Like services are strength-based, family centered/family driven and culturally responsive.

What Services Will I Receive?

Home Visits
You will learn new and more effective ways to parent. Home visitors will work with you to address your concerns such as well-baby care, weaning, toilet training, temper tantrums, sleeping and feeding routines, developmental concerns, etc.

Family Goal Plan
Your home visitor will work in partnership with you to develop a plan for how you will work together toward accomplishing your family's goals.

Referral to Other Community Agencies
You will receive assistance applying for Department of Human Services, food stamps, health care, mental health services, job training, adult education, child care programs, domestic violence services, etc.

In addition to your regular home visits, you may call our office when you need someone to talk to. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.