Childhood Sexual Abuse Support

How can the Heart & Soul Program help you?

Our supportive groups services and mentoring program provides care and support for children who have been sexually abused, offering hope for the future.  We offer supportive services and programs to assist youth in their healing process, guiding them toward a successful transition to adulthood.  We also offer supportive groups for siblings and parents and/or caregivers.  Our programs are designed to leave a lasting legacy of healing, encouragement and optimism.

We believe that:

  • All children have the right to experience the joy and wonderment of childhood.
  • Children need and deserve love and support to reach their fullest potential.
  • Children who have sexually abused need to be embraced, encouraged, and supported as a first step in the journey toward healing.

What services does the Heart & Soul Program provide?

  • HEART & SOUL (Healing Emotions with Art and Recreation Together) are gender specific, year-long programs for children and adolescents ages 8-18 and their siblings. Group expressive therapies utilizing art, music, dance, yoga, horseback riding, outdoor activities, and cultural activities encourage members to identify their feelings, come to understand that they are not alone in their struggles, and develop skills in supporting one another.
  • Ho’omaka and Ho’omaka Plus are mentoring programs designed to support children and adolescents ages 7-17 and 18-21. Based on resiliency theory, mentoring practices assist children in developing safe and trusting relationships with adult mentors.
  • Kids Court School is designed to educate child victims, witnesses and their siblings ages 5-17, reduce their anxiety before legal proceedings, and help increase their credibility in court. Two-hour sessions focus on courtroom processes and the roles and functions of courtroom participants.
  • Strengthening Parents is a program that assists parents of children who have been sexually abused to enhance communication skills and gain insights into the multiple and complex issues of child sexual abuse and its impact on family members.
  • Pinao is weekly program for youth ages 13-21 utilizing trauma-informed care practices and focusing on problem solving skills, goal setting, conflict resolution, independent living and building individual strengths and resiliency necessary in adulthood.