Ulupono Family Strengthening Program works to increase the internal resources of families to handle challenges they face with their children. Family support specialists on Oahu and Maui work with parents/caregivers of children ages birth to 17 years old to:

  • Provide parenting education
  • Promote child health, development and safety
  • Offer emotional support
  • Link families to resources in their community

Families are referred to the program by Child Welfare Services (CWS) or by Voluntary Case Management (VCM) programs.

Families receive short-term home visiting services. These services are voluntary. There is no charge for these services.

The purpose of the Ulupono program is to help families thrive by teaching parents how to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for their children. Ulupono is a program where parents/caregivers and Family Support Specialists work together to promote family wellness. Mothers, fathers and other caregivers are encouraged to participate.

Who is on the Ulupono team?

Experienced family support specialists trained in child development and parenting, who are also very familiar with how to access resources in the community, like housing, emergency food, job training, and so on. They are friendly and caring helpers.

What Services Will I Receive?

Home Visits
You will learn new and more effective ways to parent. Family support specialists will work with you to address your concerns such as baby care, weaning, toilet training, temper tantrums, children with special needs, sleeping and feeding concerns, chores, power struggles, the teen years, co-parenting, and other parenting challenges.

Family Success Plan
Your family support specialist will work with you to develop a plan to achieve your family's goals.

Referral to Other Community Agencies
Your family support specialist will assist you in applying for Department of Human Services, food stamps, health care, domestic violence, substance abuse, family counseling, mental health services, job training, adult education, child care programs and other services.

You may call your family support specialist or the office when you need additional support.