Voluntary Case Management (VCM) program serves families on Oahu who have been referred by Child Welfare Services (CWS) after a report to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline has been made and the family has been identified as moderate to moderate high risk. Each family will be assigned a case manager who will address the range of family system issues that place children at risk of child abuse and neglect. They may also be assigned a skill builder who will work with the family to increase skills such as, but not limited to, parenting skills, co-parenting skills, problem solving skills, and stress management skills.

Case managers will make monthly home/community visits, at a minimum, and school visits as required. Skill builders will visit the family, as appropriate to the family’s needs. Case managers and skill builders will work with the family to resolve risk factors and increase the family's strengths such that they can provide a safe, stable, nurturing home.

Although services are voluntary with the VCM program, families who choose not to participate are referred back to CWS.

What Services Will I Receive?

Home Visits

Case managers and skill builders will work with you to develop goals and will provide support to meeting these goals. They will complete assessments regarding safety and parenting to address the report from CWS.

Family Participation Plans

You will develop own goals to promote a safe and nurturing home. Goals may include participating in therapy, promoting positive family interactions, developing positive parenting skills and improving the marital and/or parent-child relationship, for example. Case manager will assist you and your family with activities and/or referrals to community providers and/or to the VCM skill builder to address these goals.