Client Rights

The following client rights ensure that you are protected in accordance with federal and state requirements.

  1. You and/or your child(ren) have the right to ethical and equitable services and will not be discriminated against because of physical or mental disability, age, color, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender or gender identity or expression, language, national origin or ancestry, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, citizenship or difficulty in speaking or understanding English.
  2. All information collected about you and/or the child(ren) will be kept confidential. Please refer to PACT’s Notice of Privacy Practices to see how PACT handles, protects, and releases information about you and/or your child(ren). In certain circumstances we are mandated by law to share confidentiality information. Special circumstances include but are not limited to:

a. Suspected child abuse and neglect;

b. Court subpoena; and

c. Potential homicide, suicide, life-threatening emergency, or threat of imminent harm to self or others.

3. You and/or your child(ren) have the right to not have movement restricted. Services will be provided within the most natural and least restrictive environment that is appropriate to individual needs. At no time does PACT allow staff to do the following: physical, mechanical or chemical restraints, physical or psychological abuse, corporal punishment, use of demeaning, shaming language or activities, withholding food or water, punitive work/exercise assignments, punishment by peers or group punishment, mechanical restraints, locked seclusion, isolation, painful aversive stimuli, the use of a de-escalation techniques by anyone other than trained/qualified staff.

4. You have the right to ongoing participation in the decision-making, planning and direction of services including benefits, risks, and alternatives to be provided. You have the right to referrals to other service providers, as appropriate.

5. You have the right to refuse participation in services. If you refuse recommended services, we will let you know how your refusal may affect you.

6. You have the right to receive safe services in a humane environment. If any client behaves in a way that may put them and/or those around them at risk for harm, staff may need to limit that client’s actions or movement. Staff will do so either by separating the client from others or by limiting the client’s contact with others around them. When the client’s behavior is no longer putting themselves or others at risk, then they may be able to re-join the program activities. This is referred to as PACT’s Behavior Management Program; if you would like a copy of this PACT policy, you may have one (please ask staff for a copy).

7. You have the right to receive interpreter services at no cost to you to ensure that the services you receive are transparent, fair and responsive to your needs. PACT is committed to providing services to individuals with limited proficiency in verbal or written English. PACT actively assesses people’s English proficiency at intake and will provide you, upon consent, appropriate services so that you can access and benefit from PACT’s programs, services, and activities.

8. You have the right to be informed of and fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

9. You have the right to file a complaint when you are dissatisfied with the services you receive without interference or retaliation. (See PACT’s Client Complaint/Concern Form).

10. You have the right to request an in-house review of your treatment or services (ask staff for more information if you are interested in this option).

I have read and understand my rights as outlined and realize that there may be other program specific rights which I will be told about.

This form was interpreted for me at my request. Yes